Soul Realignment Readings & Clearings

Initiation Session


Soul Profile & Realignment Reading

1. Before the session, I complete extensive research in your Akashic Records in order to:

>> clarify the strengths and qualities you were created to express

>> identify negative karmic patterns that have shaped your thoughts, feelings, and experiences over lifetimes

>> clear blocks and restrictions that disrupt and inhibit your vital energy flow

>> support you to work with the shadow traits that are part of your energetic blueprint

 2. We then meet by phone for 75-90 minutes to deep dive into your Soul together

The call is recorded at your request

We uncover the root of painful, confusing, and difficult patterns that have followed you through life

We discuss action steps to align your choices and actions with your desired intentions and outcomes

We review the power you have to create health, happiness, and prosperity by knowing, honoring, and aligning to your energetic blueprint

3. You receive follow-up support for integrating the shifts into real life transformation through…

>> A 21-day clearing process to ground the spiritual healing into your conscious and subconscious awareness

>> A post session check-in call to answer your questions and clarify your intentions moving forward

>> Access to in-depth holistic coaching for mental, emotional, and spiritual support 

>> Access to further Akashic Readings, including discounted rates for family profiles

If you are ready to gain Soul-level knowledge, awareness, and freedom from your current challenges, then follow the payment link below.

After completing payment, you will be redirected to fill out necessary information for me to enter your Akashic Records.

Once this is received, I will contact you to set up a session time.

Please contact me directly with questions or concerns: