I created True Spirit Success to express the deeply felt calling of my heart to be a guide for transforming the overwhelming, emotionally difficult, inadequate reality that so many of us face in our daily lives.

I have spent my entire adulthood studying how to be a healthy, well adjusted human being so that I could feel good about myself and what I was doing with my life.

Good news! It seems to be working…

Throughout the process of studying for my degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and then moving into the eclectic world of holistic health and healing, I struggled greatly with understanding myself and my shortcomings.

   Why did I keep spinning myself around and around with ideas and inspirations that led nowhere?

   Why couldn’t I follow my own ideals and intentions for wholesome, whole-hearted living?

    Why was I stuck in patterns of self-destruction, despite being aware and motivated to change?

It was the process of trying to pursue my calling as a healing practitioner that took me to the place of “Do or die” in my life, which led to the total dismantling and reconstruction of my identity.

I found my True Spirit because I didn’t have a choice.

The only path to success for me was in following my Soul Calling.

And I fought it hard because I didn’t actually want to be seen or known.

I didn’t want to reveal the parts of me that I was ashamed of, or admit my continuing struggle to be free of my own vices.

I had to recondition my mind to understand the path of sacred leadership as the messy and repetitive recreation of self that is necessary to be able to walk your own wisdom.

I had to learn how to truly heal through the acceptance of discomfort and integration of shadow.

I had to detach from the fluffy spiritualism that led to the empty, materialistic bypassing of genuine distortions, which need to be addressed in ourselves and our world.

I had to allow myself time in the underworld, and witness my life fall apart, while holding complete faith in my eventual uprising.

Today, I am certified as a Soul Realignment™ practitioner, a powerful modality for accessing the Akashic Records for Soul-level healing and information. I combine advanced intuitive readings and clearings with holistic life coaching, energy healing, and spiritual guidance to provide innovative support that creates a path for your True Spirit to take root and bloom from wherever you are right now. 

I feel passionate about supporting men and women to resolve their addictions, distress, and despair so that they can experience the freedom of their soul in this life, right now. 

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